Insurance Industry

Insurance policies hold great legal significance in transferring and allocating risks from the person taking the policy or the “insured” to the insurance company or “insurer.” This agreement can only be brought into the force of law after it meets the legal requirements of contract law. The insured must have an “insurable interest” in the subject matter being insured, such as property, life, and health.

That is why you need an experienced attorney on your side whether you are an insurer or insured. Our attorneys have expertise in handling dispute resolution and advisory work covering all classes of insurance and reinsurance claims including aviation, construction, energy, life, business interruption, equipment failure and breakdown, and more.

Gandhi & Associates deals with all matters of insurance disputes. The firm participates in construing insurance policies alongside negotiating insurance terms representing both insurance companies and private individuals and companies. The firm deals with various insurance claims, such as personal injury, road accidents, car and property damage, product and professional liability, and life insurance.

We also provide constant advice in matters of underinsurance, reinsurance, double insurance aspects, and risk assessment. Our attorneys are well experienced in insurance matters and familiar with the intricate details of various insurance laws and regulations, by that we assist expediting up and maximizing the claims of our clients both in the negotiation stage as well as during litigation.

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The following personnel are our primary experts in this area:

Gandhi Pandit
Founding Partner

Gandhi is a graduate of Masters of Laws from Columbia University, USA. His expertise and experience is central to the success of G&A.

Keshav Prasad Mainali
Senior Partner

Keshav is a Former Chief Judge at the Appellate Court, and a graduate of Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts from Nepal Law Campus.

Raju Man Singh Malla
Senior Partner

Raju is a Former Secretary of the Government of Nepal, and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in International Law from London, UK.

Madan Prasad Rimal
Development Sector Director

Madan is a Former Director of the Social Welfare Council, and is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts from Tribuvan University in Kathmandu.

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