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Contracts are agreements between people or legal entities in which one party agrees to perform a service or provide goods in exchange for the payment of money or other consideration. At G&A, while drafting a contract, we ensure that our clients’ expectations are met. We accurately reflect our clients’ desires and convey our client’s intention in a precise manner. We plan carefully for the multitude of potential interpretive issues that may arise in Nepal and understand and apply the standard tools on contract interpretation. Our team of lawyers researches the relevant legal rules and precedents that may be applicable to the contract in question. Our services include, but are not limited to, drafting and reviewing the following agreements:

  1. General Agreements;
  2. Employment Agreements;
  3. Shareholders’ Agreements;
  4. Sale and Purchase Agreements (SPA);
  5. Lease Agreements;
  6. Proxy Investment Agreements;
  7. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA);
  8. Service Agreements;
  9. Merchant Agreements; and
  10. Memoranda of Understanding (MOU).
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The following personnel are our primary experts in this area:

Gandhi Pandit
Founding Partner

Gandhi is a graduate of Masters of Laws from Columbia University, USA. His expertise and experience is central to the success of G&A.

Keshav Prasad Mainali
Senior Partner

Keshav is a Former Chief Judge at the Appellate Court, and a graduate of Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts from Nepal Law Campus.

Raju Man Singh Malla
Senior Partner

Raju is a Former Secretary of the Government of Nepal, and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in International Law from London, UK.

Madan Prasad Rimal
Development Sector Director

Madan is a Former Director of the Social Welfare Council, and is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts from Tribuvan University in Kathmandu.

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