Private Law


Private Law

Private law is a body of law governing private persons, their properties, and relations (with other private persons) which do not directly concern the state. Private client services have been an integral part of G&A since our founder, Gandhi Pandit, focused on this work in the late 1980s. We serve the needs of not only individuals and families, but also young entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals who want to sort out their affairs.

At G&A, we deal with a vast area of issues relating to private law. With regards to marital issues, we regularly assist individuals in divorce proceedings and dissolution of marriage. We actively represent clients in complex cases of dowry, child custody, surrogacy and adoption. As far as real estate goes, it often involves unique and complicated issues with which our experienced lawyers can assist with. We aid our clients with acquisition and disposition of significant residential and commercial properties, including financing matters. We represent them in inheritance and ancestral property disputes as well as helping them draft their will. We have catered our services to not only Nepalese citizens residing in Nepal, but to foreigners and NRNs as well. Our integrated, comprehensive approach to planning provides clients with control over their affairs and allows for flexibility in adapting to changing needs.

We have abundant experience in handling personal matters privately and discreetly. We counsel individuals and families throughout their lifetimes as they acquire and accumulate assets, experience life changes, seek to preserve their wealth, and ultimately pass it off to future generations with the most favorable consequences possible. Through close working relationships, we figure out what matters to our client and tailor our advice accordingly.

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The following personnel are our primary experts in this area:

Gandhi Pandit
Founding Partner

Gandhi is a graduate of Masters of Laws from Columbia University, USA. His expertise and experience is central to the success of G&A.

Keshav Prasad Mainali
Senior Partner

Keshav is a Former Chief Judge at the Appellate Court, and a graduate of Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts from Nepal Law Campus.

Raju Man Singh Malla
Senior Partner

Raju is a Former Secretary of the Government of Nepal, and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in International Law from London, UK.

Madan Prasad Rimal
Development Sector Director

Madan is a Former Director of the Social Welfare Council, and is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts from Tribuvan University in Kathmandu.

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